Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fucked up nightmare

So...I have no idea where this came from, but this was my dream last night...

The majority of it was actually rather pleasant. I was ... as far as I could ell, married to a girl.  At the very least, we lived together.  We got a letter in the mail about some trip we'd apparently "won," but we were both really confused as to how, cuz we didn't remember entering anything.

So we go through the motions of getting set up for a trip and such, which for some reason involves 3 different orientation type meetings. Gradually, people are pruned away until a group of about 100 are left. It's only then that I start to notice that all the decorations on the plane (notable: they're still building the plane) are rainbow colors. 2+2 being 4 and everything, I realize this is an LGBT flight. Neat.

This is where it gets twisted: I see them building part of the plane, and somehow, I recognized some of the workers as killers. I don't know how I came to that conclusion, but it made sense in the dream. So I get back to my girlfriend and explain to her that we have to get out of there...right now. But as we look for a way out, everything's sealed. No way in, no way out.

The dream basically became a cross between V for Vendetta, Firefly, and the Diary of Anne Frank at this point: it was like those dudes with the blue gloves in Firefly were chasing us all. So, after a rather massive scramble up what was apparently 5 flights of stairs, getting separated from my girlfriend, and the entire set of passengers being in a fright now, I somehow made the decision to hide between the ceiling tiles and the actual roof. Those of you who've worked with ceiling tiles know those are not the sturdiest things in the didn't take long for the grid they hang from to collapse, and I fell to the floor right in front of two of the guys that were chasing us. Needless to say...grabbed and drug off.

The end of the dream was like a bad cliffhanger ending that I've kinda blocked out; all I really remember about it is my girlfriend got shot in front of me, and then some kind of halo device was put on my head, and...the end. My eyes shot open and my heart was going WAAAAAAY too fast...

Weirdest dream I've had in...ages...and I'd rather not relive it any time soon...  

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  1. Found your blog through twitter. I'm really surprised you don't update more often, just to vent or because transitioning is a story I think a lot of people would be really interested in.

    Anyway, I have crazy dreams all time, good and bad, and some of my nightmares can get insane. Hope you slept a little easier after this :) No more bad dreams!